korp! Fraternitas Estica

Rootsi hümn (inglise keeles)

Thou ancient, thou free, thou mountainous North
In beauty and peace our hearts beguiling
I greet thee, thou loveliest land on the earth
:.: Thy sun, thy skies, thy meadows green :.:

Thy throne rests on memories from great days of yore
When all round the world thine name honoured was
I know that you are and you will be as you were
:.: Oh, I would live and I would die in the North :.:

Only the first two verses are sung.

Forever I shall serve thee my beloved country,
Until death I owe thee my fidelity.
Thy right I will protect with mind and with hand,
:.: Thy banner, feats of bravery carry :.:

With God I shall fight, for home and for bliss,
For Sweden, the dear fatherland.
For nothing, in the world, I would trade thee.
:.: No, I would live and I would die in the North :.: